NSC Masterplan Design Studies

Draft ‘Design Studies’ from the  consultation workshops 10th to 17th October 2018.

Options with and without the 25m pool…


Detailed design study options included demolishing the Lodge, the proposed new “hub” and pool areas: 

The GLA Masterplan Planning Objectives

Provide a space for sports and recreation, health & wellbeing, that needs of both sports communities and local people.

 A Centre for Everyone
Make the NSC a place you want to stay all day with high quality spaces and activities for all ages and abilities

 A secure financial future
Enhance and rationalize the existing facilities to improve affordability so that the NSC can continue a leading centre for sport in London 

Enhance connectivity
Improve connectivity between the NSC and the surrounding park and communities

 Become part of the park
Integrate the NSC into the wider park, creating a parkland setting that recognizes the heritage of the site.

Protect and improve the landmark building
Help the main building work better to provide an accessible and comfortable environment for physical activity whilst celebrating the architecture


Consultation feedback requested…



Public online consultation these design options is being requested by the GLA.

Take the “Trialling the Design Options” survey:


The latest NSC sporting needs design options are based on:

Sporting Facility Assessment National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace – A Final Report.pdf 

…that GLA undertook over 2017/2018.    This works builds on the CSM report of 2014/15 into the future of NSC,  1st CSM Strategic final report (redacted for publication).pdf.

To see how the draft CP NSC options  integrate into the wider park – click here.  

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